Darling Point Paint Job

Mr Scaffold raises to 30m

Project of the Month March 2012

Scaffolding Darling Point

If you have been travelling around Darling Point in the last few weeks you will have noticed the huge 10 storey building with the big Mr Scaffold sign on display. This building will take a total of 6 weeks labour, which in comparison to the 9 weeks it would take to complete in steel is record setting pace! Alloy is much more cost effective compared to steel and the speed of the labour keeps the painters constantly moving with no down time required.

The maximum height of scaffold is 30 metres tall with Mr Scaffold being the only one in its class to build that high. This walk through system allows easy access and flow throughout the whole site. This is why a great system, a great team and great price makes Mr Scaffold your number 1 supplier of Scaffolding. There is no job too big or too small for Mr Scaffold.