Wood Choppers in need of Scaffolding Solution

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Project of the Month March 2013

Wood Chopping At the Royal Easter Show 2013 is our Project of the Month March 2013

When the world famous Sydney Royal Easter Show Wood Choppers need a height safety solution – who did they call – Mr. Scaffold of course.

The Wood Chopping has been a tradition at the Easter Show for over 100 years. It is one of the marquee events at the biggest show in Australia each year – and people of all ages love to see the Wood Choppers hard at work in the purpose built Wood Chopping Arena each of the 14 days of the Show.

Over the years, with continually tightening of WHS Requirements – the need for scaffolding for the support crew has emerged to help them work with increased safety.

Requiring a specialty design that allows access around a tree trunk – Mr. Scaffold was engaged to come up with a mobile solution that was light, had easy access, allowed wheels on very uneven and sometimes very wet, muddy and boggy surfaces.

Our team of qualified engineers, designers and scaffolders came up with the perfect solution that allows the team at the Easter Show to prepare the Wood Chopping events safely, quickly and easily.

If you are one of the 950,000 Australian’s that are attending this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show – be sure to pop into the Wood Chopping Arena to see our scaffolds make life easy for the dedicated men and women who help the Wood Chopping event operate seamlessly over the 2 weeks of fun!! The Show begins on Thursday March 21st 2013!

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