Scaffolding an ICON – Mr Scaffold wraps the Queen Victoria Building

MrScaffold Aluminium Scaffolding

Project of the Month October 2012

Mr. Scaffolds featured Project of the Month October 2012 was for  recently completed works on Sydney’s iconic Queen Victoria Building in the heart of Sydney City.

This scaffolding was built in usual Mr. Scaffold style in record time. The job required after hours transportation of equipment, then crane lifts from the closed street (George Street, Sydney – a very busy street indeed) onto the hoarding and QVB Rooftop.

Lightweight Aluminium making quick work of covering a proud lady

Our guys then quickly erected the scaffold. Essentially it was 23 bays (around 70 lineal meters) by 16 – 24m in height. Our KwikScaf system – made this job quick and very easy!!

We were able to erect the job in under a week completely. We provided access as required to the external sandstone walls for remedial works and to the front face of the copper domes – which stand at 25m above street level.

Coordination and communication is key to a scaffolding contractor

Works in and around the city are always difficult, and co-ordination between many different contractors and stakeholders is always required. Mr. Scaffold has a diverse range of specialists – Project Manager’s, Site Supervisor’s, WHS Teams, Logistic Co-ordinator’s and schedulers. We are able to co-ordinate our many different departments to ensure that jobs that require a high level of communication and pre-planning happen smoothly.  See our Scaffolding FAQ.

Since then, the QVB job has been completely wrapped in Beige Shadecloth to be visually less outstanding as construction work continues.

Another marquee scaffolding labour and hire job from Mr. Scaffold Hire Pty. Ltd!!!