Scaffolding Sydney Town Hall for Steel injection

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sydney town hall scaffold platform for strengthening beamssydney town hall scaffolding for strengthening beam placement


One of Sydneys first and most iconic Landmarks – The Sydney Town Hall Clock tower situated in the heart of Australia’s first street – George Street Sydney.

One of Sydney’s best Steel Manufacturers (name withheld for privacy reasons) engaged Mr Scaffold due to the incredible difficulty of floating the scaffold over the roof while building a difficult Steel platform.

A Small but vital part in an important project

Working together as a team we found we could build a Safe working platform and and also give access for vertical beams that needed to be erected. Hence all the planking. Once the workers were harnessed and the planks were removed, the vertical Beams were lowered in. Mr scaffold built this working platform purely to work around our client and all contractors involved were ecstatic with the speed with which our works and the quality of the platform erected was done.

Much of the roof had been damaged over time, which made the experience for Mr Scaffold to cantilever scaffold over 90% of roof even more challenging – but again, our highly trained and qualified professionals completed the job to an incredibly high standard.

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