Project of the Month September 2014 – Scaffolding over terracotta roof tiles at Redfern Station

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Redfern Railway Station Overhead Booking Office was built back in 1892.  Consisting of a main entrance building and ticket office, built of brick in a Queen Anne style with terracotta tiled hipped roof with central cupola and ornamental fleche.  Those of you who have experience with terracotta will know that when weathered it becomes brittle and easily shattered.  Accuracy and efficiency have always been hallmarks of Mr Scaffolds’ work.

Spanning the delicate terracotta without weighing down the rest of the building

Mr Scaffold was requested to help access over the roof, repairs were needed to be performed on the cupola.
The scaffold project was perfect for aluminium, as heavy brick work wasn’t needed. It was also an advantage of not having to worry about the weight of the scaffold and placement due to the lightness of the build, and the heritage build not supporting too much weight.

As per our normal procedure, a preliminary estimate is provided based on the job details, and when the customer indicates an interest, our estimator visits to provide a more detailed quote and devise a scaffolding plan. After careful consideration our estimator decided on the following:
Layher beams were spliced together to get the 10.5m span from one scaffold tower to the other.  This then provided a solid base to suspend our platforms from to access the base of the cupola.

Safe Work method Statements need to cover all possibilities on the specific project

Our SWMS included several points that may not be prevalent on the majority of projects.  As a Transport Hub, the safety of the public in the vicinity of the scaffold.
With the age of the building, extra precaution was needed to protect the heritage status.
This job was performed in 2 stages on request of Rapid Construction.

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scaffolding over redfern station terracotta rooftilesscaffolding over delicate terracotta rooftiles redfern station