Scaffolding a Filtration Cathedral to achieve an uplifting solution

scaffold complete filtration hall

filtration cathedral scaffold readyscaffold entire length filtration hallMr Scaffold is often called upon to provide access solutions that span over larger equipment, and occasionally there is the need to erect a solution that covers a portion of a site, which is then moved as the work moves around a site.  This was the original thought for this project, where a scaffold was needed to elevate work crews above the large filtration tanks within this domed plant.  Our estimator arrived onsite to evaluate the project, with the main aim being to install, secure and set to work a travelling crane that would ride above all of the plant equipment in the void provided by the domed ceiling.

Our estimator quickly realised that the more efficient method would be to provide a complete end to end platform, with sufficient room on each side of the building to work unhindered around the mounting points for the crane, and the ability to move quickly to the next mounting point without the disturbance of dismantling and re-erecting the scaffold.  Not to mention the fact that to provide a safe and properly fitting scaffold deck, the scaffold standards and braces would need to be erected within the 70mm gap between the snaking water pipes feeding the large filtration tanks.


scaffold detail filtration hallfiltration cathedral scaffold closeupMr Scaffold designed, and executed the build plan with a minimum of fuss, providing the sweeping expanse of work area seen in these pictures.  The light spilling through the domed ceiling, coupled with the large space aroused thoughts of a hall or cathedral, hence our reference to a Filtration Cathedral.  Drawing similarities to the journey of the water through these large filtration tanks to the cleansing and loss of impurities in other Cathedrals is not intended,


This project has been completed now, and the plant building now sports a large and versatile crane that is able to traverse the entire length of the hall.  It will no doubt be in immediate use both in maintenance of the current equipment, and in the positioning of future additions in the areas you can see in the photos are provisioned for more of these mammoth tanks.

scaffold bridge filtration hallscaffold full length shotMr Scaffold was very happy with the result from this quote and the efficiency of the build and dismantle.  It is yet another success story for our dedicated Hire Teams