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ancient scaffoldScaffolding has been used to access heights for thousands of years.  According to Wikipedia, there is evidence of it being used in cave paintings, and there are pictures on ancient artifacts that accurately depict a pre-cursor to modern scaffolds.  Initially erected using logs or rough-hewn wooden poles, the 20th century saw the introduction of steel pipes and an improvement in the structural stability of scaffolds.  Although Bamboo is still extensively utilized throughout the less highly regulated countries of the world, the material for commercially available scaffold has become standardized into three choices; Steel, Aluminium & Fibreglass.

Today there are almost as many different types of scaffold as there are individual uses for them.  Steel Scaffold is still a standard bearer for any brick or block laying structural build, where the scaffold system is erected around the entire structure with the intended purpose of supporting and holding the construction material during the build.  Even these have different types, and though dimensions have become standard, the design of the coupling methods where the vertical and horizontal parts of the scaffold meet can vary significantly.

Fibreglass is the least prolific of the three, with it’s very limited weight characteristics and relatively brittle nature, it can be viewed as being difficult to care for.  Fibreglass is therefore usually confined to situations where the non-conductible nature of the scaffold is seen as a greater attribute than the difficulties created by its fragility.

sydney pool scaffold levitationAluminium scaffold is continuing to grow in popularity and use.  The lighter weight results in quicker erection and dismantle times, simpler transportation options and minimal fatigue factors for personnel.  The robust nature of modern Aluminium Alloys means that the material displays increased strength, rigidity and resistance to weather and other environmental factors.  The lack of obvious corrosion during exposure to even extreme weather conditions has enhanced the reputation of Aluminium as a scaffold material.

Mr. Scaffold is primarily involved in the erection of Aluminium Scaffold.  We have our own brand of Aluminium KWIKSCAF, which is similar in its coupling design to the steel Kwikstage variety.  Our familiarity with the product ensures that we know the limits of its’ capabilities and can provide innovative solutions based on our comprehensive understanding of the limitations of our equipment.  Engineering a scaffold that spans over sensitive equipment then cantilevers over the water before dropping metres down to a specific height for work on an outlet or fitting that requires attention is a common scenario for our teams.

There are occasions where we can utilize steel Kwikstage, however we limit our exposure to this work in dedicated contracts where the heavier loads that steel can tolerate per bay are necessary for the task at hand.  Plant Shutdowns and Maritime Repairs are some examples of where we may do this work.

As a Scaffolding hire Service company, Mr. Scaffold is acutely aware that we need to keep ourselves focused on what we do well and hone our skills to provide the best service every time we take part in a project.  Therefore, we have focused on Aluminium Scaffolding.  There are many companies vying for the available business within scaffolding circles, and we occasionally work with some of them.  We do not try to be all things to all customers, we often advise that a project or task is outside our core business focus, and we will recommend one of our well-known friends in the scaffold industry when we know that they provide the service you need.

Mr. Scaffold maintains a team that is focused, qualified and experienced at providing the intricate, fast-paced and exacting work that comes with plant shutdown, Confined Space and RISI operations.  The highly regulated, time-sensitive and results focused environment is perfect for the team and equipment that we have assembled.  We work regularly with companies and consortiums that are involved in plant shutdowns, maritime maintenance and Confined Space access.  Our ISO certified organisation is geared towards ensuring that we have all the pre-requisite paperwork, certifications and inductions included in the plan for any access project.  We are ready at the prescribed time, and scaffolding is erected to meet both the strict safety requirements, and the limited timeline that necessarily comes with this kind of work.

Mr. Scaffold cannot always bring you images of this sort of work, not only is it mostly not photogenic, there are usually other considerations.  If you are interested in our qualifications and some of the work we do in shutdowns etc. give our hire team a call or contact us at, and we can discuss with you our key capabilities, and see if our skills are a match for your needs.